WikiLeaks has been financially blockaded without process for 672 days.
Julian Assange has been detained without charge for 669 days. 
 – 109 days at the Ecuadorian Embassy.
Bradley Manning has been in jail without trial for 866 days.  
Jeremy Hammond has been in prison without trial for 216 days. 
A secret Grand Jury on WikiLeaks has been active for 752 days.

WikiLeaks News:
  • WikiLeaks released all emails (4,330) to and from the Syrian Ministry of Water Resources. WikiLeaks has been releasing large batches of the Syria Files daily over the past few weeks, totaling over 206,000 emails.   
  • WikiLeaks released more GI Files which detail Chevron gathering information on Venezuela, Texas border security assessments, and more.
  • The Center for Constitutional Rights created a webpage dedicated to how WikiLeaks revelations have affected their cases and advocacy work, especially in Honduras and Spain.
  • A public event entitled “Enemies of the State: Solidarity for Bradley Manning, Julian Assange, and WikiLeaks” will be held October 26 at Bryant Park in New York City. The event will include a rally, a teach-in by Alexa O’Brien, and a march.
  • An op-ed in The Philly Post argues against the U.S. labeling of WikiLeaks and Julian Assange as an “enemy”, noting the importance of their disclosures.

Julian Assange News:

  • Julian Assange wrote an op-ed for News LTD in which he discusses the U.S. war on whistleblowers and WikiLeaks, as well as the Australian Government’s failure to uphold truth and justice.
  • The October 6 forum at Adelaide University, “Julian Assange: Journalist or Terrorist?”, will be live-streamed at 12PM CST (click here for automatic timezone converstion). Speakers at the event will be  Christine Assange, Scott Ludlam, Greg Barns, Philip Dorling, Gail Malone, and Cathy Vogan.
  • WikiLeaks tweeted a few comments about the Australian TV movie “Underground: The Julian Assange Story”, saying they like aspects of the film, but it has not been “approved of” as claimed in an AAP article. WikiLeaks also refuted claims from the article that claimed they had staff working in the Ecuadorian Embassy.
    • Christine Assange also commented on the film, saying she was happy about the portrayal of her son, but not so much of the portrayal of herself.
    • A program entitled “Assange: A TEN News Special” (formerly “Julian Assange: The Real Story”) will air before Channel Ten’s premiere of “Underground”. WikiLeaks called the program an attack and described some of the people who were interviewed for it and their relationship with WikiLeaks.
  • Former Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Fraser stated that he “fears [the] worst” for Julian Assange based on the lack of the Australian Government’s assistance and abnormal and suspicious behavior from the UK and Sweden.
  • In Barrett Brown’s indictment for threats against a law enforcement officer, a tweet of his is listed which states: “A dead man can’t leak stuff… Illegally shoot the son of a bitch”. While it is not stated in the indictment, this is actually a quote from FOX’s Bob Beckel in reference to Julian Assange.
  • Swedish journalist and feminist Helene Bergman filed a complaint against Marianne Ny, the prosecutor for the complainants in Julian Assange’s case, regarding the unprecedented hunt against Mr Assange. The Swedish Parliamentary Ombudsman dismissed the complaint the day after Mr Assange was granted asylum, citing ongoing legal proceedings.

Bradley Manning News:

  • The Bradley Manning Support Network started a new petition to “Save human rights whistleblower Bradley Manning”. This comes as the announcement for the Nobel Peace Prize approaches, which Bradley has been nominated for.
  • A preview has been uploaded of the upcoming Bradley Manning radio drama “The Air Gap”, which airs at 2:30PM on October 6, BBC Radio 4.
  • Members of Anonymous started a campaign called “#ManningMoneyBomb” asking everyone to donate to Bradley Manning’s defence fund today.

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